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Skilled Nursing

Let us concentrate on the food so you can concentrate on the care

The statement above is the heart and focus of our complete food service management program.  We want to manage all or as much of the food service as is necessary to enable administrators to focus on what is most important: the needs of the residents in their facility.  Below are a few of the ways we help relieve the strain on administrators and serve satisfaction to residents and their families.

- We strive to do more than just provide meals; we want our food service to improve the quality of life for residents in facilities we serve.  To achieve this goal, our chefs design meals that not only provide nourishment, but also help improve and maintain energy, health, and wellness for residents.

- Our Registered Licensed Dietitian assesses the individual dietary needs of each resident and our chefs create satisfying meals to meet those needs without sacrificing flavor.

- We only offer supplements and fortified foods when absolutely necessary; our primary goal is to provide naturally nutrient-rich foods to minimize the need for supplements and enhancements.

- We recognize the special needs of certain residents for pureed foods, and we accommodate those needs without cutting corners.  We make all our pureed foods fresh and in-house to maintain the flavor and nutrition that is often replaced with artificial ingredients in prepackaged pureed foods.