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Our Team

Our experienced team offers managerial support, regular assessment of resident needs and operational performance, and consistent client interaction to ensure that our services continue to exceed expectations and satisfy community residents.  We utilize a comprehensive training program to keep all managers and employees up-to-date on certifications (ServSafe, CDM, CFPP, RDN, LN, etc.) and to educate them about developments and trends in the food service industry.  We also implement standardized recruiting and hiring practices while emphasizing high employee expectations to ensure we have the best team at each community we serve.  Please take a moment to learn about our managerial team and how each member contributes to The Gallins Difference.
Bob Fourqurean
Executive Chef

30+ years in the food service industry have given Bob the expertise, flexibility, and creativity to craft delicious menus for any occasion.  He is able to design menus for specific dietary needs of residents, regional taste preferences, and special events and requests, all while consistently adhering to monthly budget expectations.

Sue Woodroof CDM, CFPP
Director of Healthcare Services

Sue keeps the facilities and communities we serve in top operating condition through the planning and coordination of programs, events, and menus with the managers and team members in each facility.  Her 25+ years of experience in the healthcare/nutrition industry enables her to adapt quickly to changes and make difficult decisions under pressure to keep operations running smoothly.
Christina Przybylowicz RD, LDN
Director of Nutrition Services

Christina's Bachelors of Science Degree in Dietetics with a specialization in Health Promotion, along with her certifications and career experience, has given her the knowledge to help guide menu creation and portion sizes to ensure that each resident receives the appropriate balance of nutrition from the foods we serve to them.  She works with our team and the residents and staff at each facility to keep residents happy and healthy throughout the food service process.