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Our Services

When you partner with Gallins Dining & Nutrition, you gain access to a variety of services that will help improve the dining experience for your residents:
- Complete food service management: we manage every aspect of the food service program (staffing, payroll, employee benefits, insurance, budgeting, daily operations, procurement, support, etc.) so you can focus on running your facility and keeping your residents happy, healthy, and completely satisfied.

- Guaranteed pricing & predictable costs: no one likes a surprise bill at the end of the month, so we make sure you always know what to expect.

- Our skilled management team will work with you to establish performance goals and operational objectives, address HR needs, develop strategic plans, and navigate financial and operational obstacles.

- Assessment of current equipment and recommendations for improvements.

- Safe practices: we adhere to health codes and enforce proper procedure to keep food prep, service, and dining areas clean and sanitary at all times.

- Customer Satisfaction Programs: we encourage feedback and suggestions through multiple channels to help us continually improve and innovate.
- Features and selections designed around your residents, not a standardized, predetermined menu:

- Gourmet entrees, comfort food, fresh salads, artisan sandwiches, house-made soups, convenient carryout meals and snacks.

- Fine dining, family-style meals, buffets, in-room dining/delivery, snacks, treats, coffee & cookie breaks.

- Themed meals, seasonal menus, in-house food shows and cooking demonstrations, resident participation in menu development.

- The combined talents of our culinary and nutritional teams to ensure that meals contain the appropriate nutritional value without sacrificing flavor.

- Our Licensed Dietary Nutritionist will work with you and your residents to design the ideal wellness program for the residents in your community, including nutritional awareness and education.
- Flexibility & Versatility: we design our food service around your community and residents, and we are able to adapt and change quickly as needed.

- Promotions: as part of our efforts to delight your residents with every dining experience, we offer seasonal & holiday meals, new product trials, in-house food shows & cooking demonstrations, nutrition & wellness programs, and the opportunity for residents to participate in menu development by providing feedback and submitting their favorite recipes to our culinary team.

- Innovation: we keep up with current food service trends and embrace new ideas, integrating them into our dining services when appropriate.

- Customization of the layout and design of your dining area, as well as presentation and signage to create the ideal look and feel.
- Our diverse supplier network to help manage costs and find regional/local sources for fresh ingredients.

- Culinary diversity: your residents are diverse, and so are their preferences.  We get to know your residents and integrate regional favorites, global cuisine, and resident recipes to satisfy their tastes.

- Fresh, local, seasonal, wholesome ingredients

- Sustainable business practices: organic waste recycling provided by our corporate partner, Gallins Family Farm.