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Our Partners

To help ensure continual satisfaction in the communities we serve, we have partnered with the following companies to address emerging trends and changing needs in the food service industry:
Five Points Restaurant

Five Points is a casual fine dining concept that specializes in fresh, local ingredients, unique culinary creations, and sustainable restaurant practices.  We work with them to develop new menu items and adapt and integrate the latest trends, freshest ingredients, and new flavor combinations into the foods we serve in our Dining & Nutrition communities.  You can learn more about Five Points on their website.

Gallins Family Farm

From our location in eastern Davie County, Gallins Family Farm offers food waste collection service for kitchens, grocers and industries throughout central North Carolina. We service clients in Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Salisbury and the surrounding areas.  Food and other organic waste is recycled into nutrient rich soil amendments through composting. Finished compost is sold as "Carolina Dynamite" at the farm and area nurseries.  Please visit www.GallinsFarm.com for more information or contact us.