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Independent / Assisted Living

Discover Fine Dining in Your Own Community

Transform your food service into a dining experience that will exceed the expectations of your residents.  Our independent and assisted living dining programs are fully customizable, allowing us to adapt the services we provide to create the ideal environment for your residents.  From formal dinner settings with white tablecloths and waiters to family-style meals, buffets, in-room dining and delivery, we create the appropriate menus, ambiance, lighting, music, and atmosphere to delight residents and keep them coming back in eager anticipation of their next dining experience.

Whether we are creating the ideal dining environment or designing flavorful entrees and features, we make sure the first step we take is to get to know your residents and their specific needs and preferences.  It does not matter how much culinary expertise and experience we have if we do not design menus full of selections your residents will love.  We take time to learn about each resident and their specific dietary needs and preferences, so if your residents have certain allergies, require gluten-free options, or have vegetarian or vegan preferences, we make sure we design menus and options sure to satisfy their appetites.

To elevate the dining experience for your residents even further, we have a dedicated marketing team who will work with you to promote special events and seasonal offerings.  These events give residents a break from the everyday routine and provide opportunities for them to entertain guests from outside the community.

Additionally, our marketing team can collaborate with you to design promotional materials for distribution to individuals and families living outside your community, helping attract new residents.